Will Tom Cruise Actually Move to the Scientology Manor in the UK?

Will Tom Cruise Actually Move to the Scientology Manor in the UK?

Will Tom Cruise Actually Move to the Scientology Manor in the UK?
By Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
DailyMail reports Tom Cruise will be moving into Scientology’s Saint Hill Manor headquarters in the UK.

On April 6, 2016, the DailyMail UK exclusively reported that Tom Cruise, arguably the most famous member of the Church of Scientology, was set to move to Saint Hill Manor, the United Kingdom headquarters of the church and previous home to the late founder of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard.

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The 100-acre estate will reportedly be the new home in the UK for Cruise, who, as claimed by DailyMail, will be selling Rede Place, his former UK home with ex-wife Katie Holmes, and relocating to England. He purchased it for 4.75 million in 2006.

The Saint Hill Manor is majestic, with two hand-carved lions guarding the entrance, and a castle-like building with executive offices, dining areas, rooms for auditing (a core practice in Scientology that utilizes the e-meter), and Scientology course rooms. It is being preserved as a historic monument by the church. The report says that Cruise put his East Grinstead mansion for sale for $7.3 million when church leader David Miscavige gave him complete access to the former residence of the church’s founder.

According to the UK online publication, Cruise “sees the UK move as the perfect chance to bond with adopted daughter Isabella,” his daughter with Nicole Kidman. The church has neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

The extensive renovations on the Saint Hill Manor, according to East Grinstead Rugby Club director Phil Major, cost at least 16 million dollars and were completed last summer. Because the extent of the work made Saint Hill Manor’s parking lot unusable, they began using the rugby club’s parking next door. Major was invited by the church to a members only annual charity event to thank him for allowing use of the parking area. Cruise personally thanked Major and even insisted on taking a picture with him. Major called the event an “unbelievable marquee” that could fit more than 6,000 people, where the church discussed international projects, awarded those who have made a difference in the church, and waved flags. He also commented that there was a lot of anti-psychiatry talk during the gala. He raved about the food and the bottomless champagne.

Although Miscavige didn’t join Major in the gala, he came in to speak to Bob Mainstone, a member of the East Grinstead Town Council. Mainstone taught at a local school where a young Miscavige attended. Mainstone had this to say about the church leader: “David was the all-American boy when he came here, he was about 14 and stayed for two years. He was exceptional at basketball, a real wizard on the court. He was really popular with the other students but I don't remember him being especially close with anyone, there wasn't a girlfriend that I knew of.”

Miscavige left a big impression on Major, who said that the top actors in the world couldn’t compare to him, that he spoke quickly and flawlessly, was very persuasive and had great quality of delivery. He enthused, “He reminded me of the character Ben Stiller plays in the film Dodgeball. Very pristine, very intense, everything from the way he dressed, talked and walked was immaculate.”


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