Wiccan Aquarian Tabernacle Church to Hold Spring Mysteries Festival


The Wiccan Aquarian Tabernacle Church is hosting its annual Spring Mysteries Festival, to be celebrated April 2-5, 2015.

The celebration will take place in Fort Flagler, Washington.  Early registration locks in the current $220 entry fee, which includes food and lodging for the entire 3-day event.  After March 4, the fee will increase to $240.

The Spring Mysteries Festival will consist of a reenactment of ancient Greece’s Eleusinian mysteries, with Priests and Priestesses of the Wiccan faith representing relevant deities.  The goal is to recreate ancient sacred rituals originally practiced in Greece. 

Selena FoxAttendees will also have the ability to commune with the Gods on a personal level and Selena Fox, a Pagan Priestess, teacher and founder of Wisconsin’s Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, will attend and share her experiences from working with Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church’s founder.  Fox is established as an author and environmentalist; she is also a psychotherapist and ritualistic performance artist.  Fox worked side-by-side with Davis for decades, endeavoring to secure civil rights equality for Pagans. She is also the executive director of the Lady Liberty League. 

The Festival is scheduled to hold a memorial service for Davis, several workshops, vendors specializing in Pagan wares and a live auction. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC) rests in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle, Washington. 

The Wiccan ATC was established in 1979 by Reverend as a 501(c)3 non-profit church; with its Mother Church global headquarters located just a short distance away in Index, Washington.  It is affiliated with churches in several other states and boasts membership across seven different countries. 

This year marks the ATC’s 30th Spring Mysteries Festival.  For more information on the Wiccan ATC or to register to attend the Festival, visit the ATC’s website.


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