Virginia Atheist Paints Controversial Bible Verse on His Truck to Make A Point


In a new way to combat Christianity, Tom Hicks paints a “sexist” Biblical verse on the back of his truck.

There are many ways in which atheists debate faith with believers.[/tweetit] However, what a Virginia man did to trump Christians may just be one of the unique ways ever. Instead of choosing the usual route of using scientific facts and logic, he used a verse from the New Testament instead.

Virginia Atheist Paints Controversial Bible Verse on His Truck to Make A Point[/tweetthis]

The verse that Virginia resident Tom Hicks painted on the back of his truck has been taken from the first book of Corinthians, which reads “Women shall be silent and submissive.” For him, it is not about offending anyone, but to pass on the message that book which the Christians consider sacred also has elements that are “sexist” and “hateful.”

Hicks says the Bible is a “hateful piece of work which Christians try to turn around and they talk about love,” adding the put up that particular verse in the hope people would, out of curiosity, look for whether or not it is true in the Bible. He believes if people read the entire Bible, they will realize that preachers and pastors are telling them lies and that the Bible is not such a divine book after all. His idea is that people will realize how “offensive” the Bible really is.

Hicks move is an attempt to shock people into action. While the verse may have moved some Christians into doing what he expected them to, he says he has often found people shouting obscenities at him and other drivers flipping him off.

Pastor Joey Anthony, from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, has come to the defense of the Bible saying the same person who wrote the verse which Hicks has painted, has also written that husbands must love their wives just as Christ loves the Church. He added that although the society in which Jesus lived considered women to be lower than men, Jesus himself raised women to a high position. Atheists, however, are not convinced these arguments are very strong because they believe that points such as the one that has raised this controversy, are direct in their meaning as well as implications.


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