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What Happened at the Council of Nicaea? by By L. Arik Greenberg

I often hear people speak in hushed and conspiratorial tones — as if they were divulging a well-guarded secret — about how the Catholic

Book Review: Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan

Because it's that time of year, I took the opportunity to read a much debated but fascinating book about the historical Jesus, Zealot: The

West Virginia Bill will Require Every School District to Offer Bible Classes

West Virginia Bill Will Require Every School to Provide Bible Classes

Proponents of Bill 252 claims it will help students to understand contemporary morals Senate Bill 252 tabled in West Virginia Senate will need every

Virginia Atheist Paints Controversial Bible Verse on His Truck to Make A Point

In a new way to combat Christianity, Tom Hicks paints a “sexist” Biblical verse on the back of his truck. There are many ways

Keep the Bible Closer to the Heart with Nano Bible Jewelry

Give the gift of faith with the Nano Bible, a Bible so small it can be worn as jewelry. TowerJazz Semiconductor, an Israeli company,

Bill Nye Answers Whether the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate Can Ever Be Settled

Bill Nye answers whether science and religion could ever be compatible. Bill Nye has taken on the political right before when talking about climate

Does This Slab Prove One of Jesus Christ’s Miracles?

Archaeologist May Have Unearthed Evidence Confirming Jesus Confronted Satan in the Land of the Gadarenes There is mounting evidence bolstering the site of one

Did Jesus Really Walk the Earth? Historians and Theologists Debate

Skeptics and believers present stunning facts that both support and deny the existence of Jesus. While the theological aspects of Christianity and many stories

Biblical Scholar Claims Evidence Jesus Christ Was “Invented”

Joseph Atwill, a self-proclaimed Biblical scholar recently announced he has discovered the metaphorical Holy Grail of non-believers and proclaims that when it is revealed,

Bill O'Reilly Killing Jesus

Bill O’Reilly Describes “Killing Jesus” in New Best Selling Book

According to Bill O’Reilly, a Fox News anchor, it was the Holy Spirit which guided him to come up with his new book’s title,