Does This Slab Prove One of Jesus Christ’s Miracles?

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Archaeologist May Have Unearthed Evidence Confirming Jesus Confronted Satan in the Land of the Gadarenes

There is mounting evidence bolstering the site of one of the more dramatic and powerful miracles performed by Jesus. He was said to cast out demons into a swine herd in the land of Gadarenes (Gerasenes).

Does This Slab Prove One of Jesus Christ’s Miracles?[/tweetthis]

A number of Hebrew inscriptions have been found by Israeli archaeologists. The discovery was made on a marble slab dating back 1,500 years near to Lake Kinneret shores. The place is proximate to Kursi, an ancient village where Jesus is believed to perform the miracle.

There is a long standing belief among historians that Kursi was populated either by early Christians or Jews- and this discovery, under the supervision of Dr. Haim Cohen and Professor Michal Artzi of Israeli Antiquities Authority and Haifa University respectively seems to confirm this conjecture. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority is also involved in this project.

Jesus Christ, as the Holy Bible expounds, confronted Satan directly in land of Gerasenes. This is the place where Miracle of Swine happened. At least three apostles, Luke, Matthew and Mark, have described this splendid confrontation with varying nuances.

According to Mark, a man was possessed here at that time and he was dangerous and fierce. Locals have failed in trying to restrain him with chains and shackles. The man broke all such restraints into pieces. This person resided among tombs, where he howled all day and night, and bled himself with stones. The local people were terrified of him.

However, when Jesus approached him, the man ran towards Christ and bowed in front of him. The demons inside the man howled. They begged Jesus so that the latter would not torment them.

Jesus ordered the demons inside the man to leave the man. He ordered the demons to give their names. In response, they said that their name was legion, as they are many in number. Christ then cast these demons into a 2,000 strong swine herd grazing on a hillside. The pigs then rushed down steep bank into sea, where they died due to drowning. The event shocked and amazed the people living in Kursi. The healed person begged Jesus that he desired to accompany the son of God. Jesus, however, asked him to stay where he was and announce God's mercy to family and friends.

Scientists have identified two words: “marmaria” and “amen,” which may refer to Mary, the Mother of Jesus or marble.


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