Carlson pointed out that the Supreme Court nominee wrote in excess of 300 opinions

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News and a known Left baiter, accused Democrats of pushing their own radical views on the hapless American populace. Tucker Carlson alleged that the Democrats have created a theocracy managed by atheists. In his program The Daily Briefing beloved by  GOP voters, he claimed to remember a time when the Left really worried about the United States transforming into some kind of theocratic state where the government will force-feed puritanical values on to the American people. He then alleged the Left is currently doing that right now, describing the present state of affairs as an atheist theocracy. As per Carlson, atheist theocrats, in order to disqualify the best, take small mistakes from a person’s past and amplify the same to disqualify that individual. He described small mistakes as “peccadillos.”

Carlson, for all his verbal imagery, failed to hide the fact that Liberals are against Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court justice not for his conservative views. It goes beyond the alleged assault. They say the candidate is not suitable for the post due to the lack of transparency. There is almost no knowledge on the things he did when he worked for Ken Starr and George W. Bush. Kavanaugh’s wild temperament and partisanship was in full show during his hearing. He also believed it was not possible to indict an incumbent president. The Republicans, in turn, reached a new low when they described an attempted rape and the incident of rape as teeny “peccadillos.”

The subject came up when Carlson began to discuss the confirmation battle of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Republican and President Donald J. Trump nominee to the Supreme Court. The talk show host went ballistic, blaming the news networks for acting complicit in what he alleged was a Democratic smear campaign. Carlson admitted he knew how politics work and the whole sequence of events is a political tactic and all parties engage in it. His problem is why the news networks continue to view the events from a Democratic point of view and against a Judge who wrote more than 300 opinions while holding the federal judgeship position. According to him, the positives about Kavanaugh should also be considered.


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