Trumps Claims He’s Done More for Religion than Anyone

Trump Claims He’s Done More for Religion Than Anyone

Trumps Claims He’s Done More for Religion than Anyone
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Polls, however, disagree with the presidential statement.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States, in a recent interview, expressed confidence that evangelicals will come in droves to the polls and vote GOP in the midterm elections today.[/tweetit] He claimed no other president has done more for Christianity than himself. The president mentioned the nullification of the Johnson Amendment among many others to bolster his statement. The Amendment is a U.S. tax code provision which stops faith groups from opposing or endorsing any political candidate.

Trump Claims He’s Done More for Religion Than Anyone[/tweetthis]

The reality is however different. Both conservative and progressive religious groups agree that the Trump executive order aimed at the Johnson amendment has, in reality, carried a minimal impact on the ability of religious leaders to engage in their political campaigns. Trump also mentioned his intent to protect Mexico City policy. The latter restricts American aid from flowing into foreign non-governmental organizations engaged in the health sector which offer women constructive abortion advice. In reality, the new policy put in place inhibitory clauses on a group of health organizations. Worse, the new wording can be applied to approximately 15 times the quantity of previously affected aid.

Trumps Claims He’s Done More for Religion than Anyone

Trump is overly optimistic. Although he claims his policies have benefited all Americans, the presidential approval ratings narrate another story. A survey made by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) paints another picture altogether. The survey revealed most U.S. religious groups harbor unfavorable opinions when it comes to his presidency. Among black Protestants, 80 percent hold an unfavorable view of the Trump presidency. When it comes to unaffiliated U.S. citizens, 75 percent regard him as unsuitable to the presidential post. Massive disapprovals were also gathered from non-Christian religious U.S. citizens and Hispanic Catholics at 73 percent and 74 percent respectively. The only exception with a favorable tilt is white evangelical Protestants, with 68 percent of those surveyed holding favorable views and 28 percent strongly supporting Trump.

It is clear the president will rely on the support of evangelicals for midterm wins. Trump hopes that similar to his electoral victory in 2016, about 81 percent of these evangelicals will vote Republican in the midterm election. Trump is confident of his support base remaining intact when he will be up for re-election in 2020. Brian McLaren, a Christian author known for his progressive views, opined that Trump's claim to be fair for all Americans could only be described as “laughable.” He reminded the interviewer that as per Christ those who gain the special favors of the president do so by selling their souls.


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