Trumps Claims He’s Done More for Religion than Anyone

Trump Claims He’s Done More for Religion Than Anyone

Polls, however, disagree with the presidential statement. President Donald J. Trump of the United States, in a recent interview, expressed confidence that evangelicals will

Anti-Trump Groups on Bus Tour for Midterm Elections

Religious Groups Working to Improve Voter Turnout for Midterm Elections

Republicans, in turn, are aware of Democrats' latching up to their promotional methods. When it comes to shepherding the religious towards the voting booths,

You Should Care About The Johnson Amendment On Religious Funding

You Should Care About the Johnson Amendment on Religious Funding

Most Recent Debate Over The Johnson Amendment Shows How Important It Is And How Little People Know About It Religious liberty advocates heaved a

Democrats Johnson Amendment

Johnson Amendment Not Included in Final Tax Bill

Democrats used Byrd Rule to stop the repeal The Johnson Amendment was kept in its place by Democrat members of the Senate.[/tweetit] The Amendment

Republicans Tax Plan Will Repeal Johnson Amendment, Allow Churches to Endorse Political Candidates

63-year-old Johnson Amendment to be modified following push by Republicans and Conservative Christians American conservative Christians are all excited that the Republicans set to

Sam Well Preacher

Over 4,000 Faith Leaders Want Trump to Keep Johnson Amendment

President Trump has signed the executive order to stymie the law About 4,000 faith leaders from different religions have given their signatures to a

Trump Axing Law in Move to Allow Churches to Support Political Candidates

The present US administration wants to defang the Johnson Amendment. Hiding behind the din of Obamacare repeal, The U.S. House Appropriations Committee voted during

Examining Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Exemptions

Trump signs an executive order granting exemptions for religious organizations. President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that expands the freedom faith-based organizations

Trump Working to “Give Our Churches Their Voice Back”

Trump Working to “Give Our Churches Their Voice Back”

Trump vows to cut Johnson Amendment. Donald Trump has his sights set on a prize bigger than the presidency of the United States, he