Indonesia Family Love Alliance

Indonesia, a Muslim-Majority Country, Blocks Petition to Criminalize Gay…

The petition was filed by the conservative Family Love Alliance The Constitutional Court of Indonesia rejected a petition by Read More

Is the trump administration censoring negative comments about their support for religious groups?

Is The Trump Administration Censoring Criticism of Their Support…

The Health and Human Services Department has been Accused of Banning Negative Comments on Policy Supporting Religious Groups Read More

I swear to tell the truth the whole truth…

Claims like Mr. Crockett’s perpetuate the myth that implies that Islam is not a true religion by not Read More

Pizza Party for Pope Francis's 81st Birthday

Pizza Party for Pope’s 81st Birthday

Pope Francis has Levity and Frank Social Discussion on His Birthday Pope Francis stayed true to both his Read More

Nazareth Christmas music performances canceled

Christmas Performances Canceled in Nazareth to Protest Trump’s Jerusalem…

Only outdoor singing is barred Ali Salam, the Mayor of Nazareth, has taken the decision to hold all Read More

Democrats Johnson Amendment

Johnson Amendment Not Included in Final Tax Bill

Democrats used Byrd Rule to stop the repeal The Johnson Amendment was kept in its place by Democrat Read More