I swear to tell the truth the whole truth so help me God


Claims like Mr. Crockett’s perpetuate the myth that implies that Islam is not a true religion by not recognizing the Bible.

Recently during a CNN interview, Ted Crockett, speaking on behalf of the Roy Moore campaign, stated that he and Mr. Moore feel that Muslims could not take an oath for public office since they couldn’t swear on the Holy Bible. Journalist Jake Tapper educated his guest that the tradition of taking an oath on the Bible was just that – a tradition not a requirement. Mr. Tapper further informed him that per the U.S. Constitution, that any book or no book would suffice. Mr. Crockett seemed dumbfounded with this seemingly new information for him and was quickly mocked by most everyone stunned by his literal jaw-dropping silent moment. Theatrics aside, no one seemed to answer the other myth he held regarding Muslims and their relationship with the Holy Bible and their ability to honestly pledge to serve as a public official in America.

I swear to tell the truth the whole truth so help me God[/tweetthis]

Despite any misconception that Mr. Crockett would like to believe, Muslims do honor the Holy Bible as a religious text. Claims like Mr. Crockett’s perpetuate the myth that implies that Islam is not a true religion by not recognizing the Bible. On the contrary, the Holy Quran repeatedly references the Torah, Gospel, and Psalms as past holy Mosaic scripture. The reason these scriptures and past prophets are mentioned is that Islam is a continuation of the teachings of the oneness of God. For Muslims, the Quran is considered the unadulterated word of God clarifying and finalizing all the teachings of prior prophets and scriptures. Since the Torah, Gospel and Psalms are all housed in the Bible, it would benefit Mr. Crockett to note that Muslims are thus not disconnected from the Bible. Keeping this in mind, the God we trust is the same God that is mentioned in the Bible.

Mr. Crockett also indicated his misconception regarding Muslims holding public office in America. Muslims are required to be loyal to their nation of residence per the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Additional guidance from the worldwide spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community the Khalifa of Islam His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad has instructed Muslims to serve their country of residence, help their neighbors and ensure the safety of their country. It is essential to impart justice, fairness and equality upon all citizens of the world and is a core belief within Islam to do so. These beliefs are in line with the U.S. Constitution and thus qualify Muslims to serve their government without any religious conflict.

Regarding oaths, speaking the truth per Islam is a requirement on a daily basis. Telling the truth is mandatory per Islamic law. In fact, contrary to any extremist misconception lying is never permissible per True Islam, even if your life depends on it. The Quran states, “And confound not truth with falsehood nor hide the truth, knowingly” (2:43). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also instructed Muslims, “It is obligatory for you to tell the truth” (Muslim). This demonstrates that deception and lying are incompatible with Islam. As a result, oaths are simply a public act of affirmation of this truth. Oaths if taken per the Quran Chapter 5 verse 90 indicate, “Allah will not take you to task for such of your oaths as are vain, but He will take you to task for breaking the oaths which you take in earnest.” The verse further explains the way to seek forgiveness should one break their oath yet once again follows up with “And keep your oaths” thus any Muslim who takes an oath is required to uphold it.

It would benefit Mr. Crockett to note that the practice of taking an oath and swearing an oath dates back to ancient Romans. The Romans swore oaths to the emperors or deities that they believed in and when Christianity became established the practice morphed to include Christian language and symbols at a time when most people at that time feared the power of God more than the state. The practice of taking an oath was symbolic since lying to the government meant prison but lying to God placed your immortal soul in jeopardy. However, taking an oath is not required for American public office. Groups such as the Quakers are opposed to taking oaths due to their religious beliefs especially since the Bible in Matthew 5:33-37 states a person must have a good enough character so that their promise to fulfill what is asked of them is all that is needed. Members of Congress have used different religious texts including Jewish and Islamic scriptures which were acceptable as evidenced for example by Congressman Keith Ellison. And one should also keep in mind that when members of Congress are officially sworn in en masse, they don’t use any religious text at all.

Mr. Crockett’s and others who consider his misconceptions to be true, can and should visit TrueIslam.com especially prior to any broadcast interview. Fallacies are best corrected prior to humiliation on a public platform and as Muslims who believe in the Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, we are happy to provide anyone with this education.


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