Alabama Voters Will on Displaying the Ten Commandments

Alabama Will Vote on Displaying the Ten Commandments

Democrats oppose the proposed Ten Commandments amendment, saying it is unconstitutional. Voters in Alabama will take a collective decision on whether to permit The

Ten Commandments in Mississippi schools

Mississippi Dem Wants the Ten Commandments Displayed in All Schools

Only one part of the three-part bill can be allowed by the Constitution Democratic Mississippi Representative Credell Calhoun has proposed House Bill 1100 which

Should Christians be Involved in politics

Should Christians be Involved in Politics?

There Are Better Ways To Create Change Roy Moore, the War on Christmas, gay marriage, and the Johnson Amendment. It seems that the political

I swear to tell the truth the whole truth so help me God

Claims like Mr. Crockett’s perpetuate the myth that implies that Islam is not a true religion by not recognizing the Bible. Recently during a

Roy Moore's Effect on Evangelical Christians

What is Roy Moore’s Effect on Evangelical Christians?

Roy Moore's defeat to Doug Jones in the Alabama special election of the United States Senate is described by a political commentator is a

Doug Jones is a Different Type of Christian Politician

Doug Jones is a Different Type of Christian Politician

Doug Jones Contrasts Sharply with Roy Moore and Evangelical Politicians Senator-Elect Doug Jones narrowly defeated Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat vacated when

Speculation Mounting in Alabama Senate Race – Abortion, Black Christians

It helps Republicans that Alabama is a conservative state. Outside Alabama, the key issue being discussed in the Alabama senate race is the allegations

Roy Moore Fights Jimmy Kimmel After One of His Writers Heckles a Church Speech, He Also Blames Gay People for Scandal

Kimmel takes him on his challenge publicly Roy Moore, who once held the post of a judge, and now a controversial GOP candidate for

You Should Listen To Jesus on Sexual Misconduct

You Should Listen To Jesus About Sexual Misconduct

Christians Need More Moral Courage Remember WWJD? For those who don’t, WWJD or What Would Jesus Do? was a popular abbreviation on bracelets in


Does Religion Support Child Brides?

The Roy Moore Scandal Is Another Example of Religious Support for Child Abuse The Roy Moore scandal has created some odd defenders. In particular,