Stephen Curry's Wife Ayesha Incorporates Her Faith in Her Cooking

Stephen Curry’s Wife Ayesha Incorporates Her Faith in Her Cooking

Stephen Curry's Wife Ayesha Incorporates Her Faith in Her Cooking
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Ayesha Curry shares both her Christian faith and good food.

Cooking icon Ayesha Curry has announced her decision to use her position in the public eye to be more vocal about her Christian faith. Author of recipe book The Seasoned Life, Curry has decided to use her food empire to represent her actions and show her priority to God. Although she knows that this can bring her disrepute from people who are non-religious, she asserts that she is not afraid and that she will go on to do so undaunted.

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Wife of Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors legend, Ayesha revealed that her idea of sharing her faith is not by posting scripture verses or by taking people on tours to religious sites and churches. Instead, she plans on incorporating her faith into her cooking so that her fans not only gain creative ideas about food, but also gain a deep insight into Christianity.

The 27-year-old food industry entrepreneur says that she isn't interested in preaching or telling people how to live. Rather, she pans on practicing Christian values and showing the world what it means to be a Christian. Curry says that often Christianity is misunderstood because a lot of Christian preachers focus on condemning actions and thoughts that are 'un-Christian' rather than to show a path of acceptance and love, that actually form the core of Christianity.

Ayesha Curry shares the same strong Christian ground as her husband Stephen Curry. She revealed in an interview that she and her husband believe in doing well, whatever they do, and also in doing it for God. With this principle guiding them, she says that whatever the couple does, it is grounded strongly on Christian virtues and they do it for God's greater glory. However, she added that their way of witnessing to Christ does not involve what she calls 'verbal intimidation'. She believes that Christianity should not remain a faith that is propagated by preaching and judging people. Rather, she says that Christians should practice their faith and be living example of the teachings of Christ.

Like everyone who is on their path to success, Ayesha too has had her fair share of criticism. Critics have tried to claim she is only successful because of her husband’s fame. Undaunted by these criticisms, Ayesha says that she prefers to focus on God alone. She believes that when people make God the center of their lives, things simply fall into place because “[God] truly knows what's right for you.”


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