NBA Player Jeremy Lin Worries About Your Soul

NBA Player Jeremy Lin Worries About Your Soul

Jeremy Lin Spoke To Media About The Importance Of Evangelicalism Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin has always been outspoken about his faith. The

Did the Bible Make University of Virginia The Best College Basketball Team?

March Madness: Has the Bible Made University of Virginia the Best College Basketball Team?

Coach Tony Bennett uses Christian Lessons to for Success The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament kicks off this week. The University of Virginia’s men’s

Athletes Stop Thanking God After Winning

Athletes Should Stop Thanking God After Winning

Focus on the game, not your faith. I want to expose a travesty going on in professional sports. No, I don’t mean players taking

Muslim College Player Kicked Off Team For Religious Reasons

Muslim Basketball Player Kicked Off Team For Religious Reasons

Student Refused to Stand During National Anthem A Muslim student has been kicked off his college basketball team for failing to stand during the

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s Success is Deeply Inspired by His Faith

Stephen Curry believes he plays basketball primarily to give testimony to his faith. Stephen Curry talks the talk and literally walks the walk.

Basketball Players May Soon be Able to Wear Religious Headgear

Lifting of ban follows end of ban in Football and U.S. Army; safety standards will have to be met. Switzerland-based International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

Stephen Curry's Wife Ayesha Incorporates Her Faith in Her Cooking

Stephen Curry’s Wife Ayesha Incorporates Her Faith in Her Cooking

Ayesha Curry shares both her Christian faith and good food. Cooking icon Ayesha Curry has announced her decision to use her position in the

How Did the Star of David Come to Be?

History of the six-pointed star and it's connection to Judaism. From synagogues, clothes, temples, buildings and even flags like the flag of Israel, the

Muslim Food Taking Oklahoma Thunder Basketball Team by Storm

Halal food hits the spot with NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team has discovered that halal food, a culinary offshoot

FIBA Sikh Basketball Players

Sikh Basketball Players Face Choice: Take Off Turbans or Don’t Play

FIBA, the International Basketball Association, is under fire for not allowing Sikh players from India wear their turbans while competing in the Asia Cup.