Sikh Senior Citizen and Son Beaten by Delhi Police

Sikh Senior Citizen and Son Beaten by Delhi Police

Sikh Senior Citizen and Son Beaten by Delhi Police

The Sikh man threatened police with a sword

An elderly Sikh driver and his minor son were beaten up by Delhi Police[/tweetit] near the Mukherjee Nagar Police Station. The senior citizen was brutally beaten along with his 15-year old son. This incident highlights police brutality how they abuse their power.

Sikh Senior Citizen and Son Beaten by Delhi Police[/tweetthis]

The police said the elderly man bumped into a police van and an argument followed.

The driver threatened the police with a sword and the officer to run into the police station for reinforcements and began beating the elderly man and his son with “lathis” or sticks, dragging them towards the police station.

Several people caught the incident on camera and shared it on social media. The video resulted in many Sikhs turning up to protest the behavior of the policemen. Some of the officers involved were beaten up by a mob of angry Sikhs.

According to CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) Section 41B, the law states that “An arrest memorandum must be made at the time of arrest mentioning the name and rank of the officer, the place of arrest, the time of arrest, and the reason of arrest along with the signatures of the officer, the person who is arrested, and a witness of the arrest.” None of this was done in this incident.

The police didn’t even give the man the chance to speak. There is a law in place which gives the person being arrested the right to ask for a medical test. Another medical test is conducted before the suspect is presented to the court. The reasoning behind this law is that if the person is beaten up before being present court, the difference in the two medical reports will be detected.

The Constitution of India says that the arrested person’s health and are the responsibility of the police.


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