Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson opens up about Scientology

Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson, an actor famed for his role in That ‘70s Show  is coming to the defense of his religion Scientology from critics.

In an interview with Paper magazine, Danny took time to explain what Scientology means to him, and had some very choice words for those who would attempt to disparage his religion.

It is widely accepted that Scientology is one of the most unique and least understood religions. With a plethora of high-profile celebrities as adherents, it has gained a reputation that is often fodder for critics.

Masterson’s Scientology Background

Unlike many of the usual targets for criticism of Scientology, Danny Masterson is a second-generation Scientologist. In a recent interview, he said that he did not ever feel any different than those around him while he was growing up on account of his religion. He did note that one of the biggest perks that came with his religion was that he was able to communicate with fellow Scientologists, including his parents, with ease. He was able to approach them as friends and fellow philosophers rather than strict figures who used religion as a means to keep him in line.

When describing Scientology, Danny Masterson made sure to emphasize that there was never a sense that their religion was at odds with others, something that he felt is not shared by other religions. He went on to say that Scientology is based in logic, taking a philosophical stance on discovering how knowledge is created and passed on.

While he was first introduced to Scientology at age 8, it was not until he began reading Dianetics when he was 15 that he truly came to understand the principles laid out. This awakening led Masterson to understand that mental problems can be fixed from within, with logic. He surmises that working with psychologists does not actually help the problem, but only makes it worse through the use of psychotropic drugs.

Danny Masterson On Detractors

While Danny Masterson has said that he has never been given problems because of his beliefs, he has expressed distaste for some of the recent attacks on Scientology, such as a documentary about the religion titled Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

The 38-year-old says he’s never once had a problem with others because of his belief in Scientology. He urges others to learn about it for themselves, rather than ask him for answers. He leads on that while Scientology has worked for him, he’s not interested in converting others – each person should decide for themselves what faith to believe in.

Masterson’s response was heartfelt, but perhaps not tactful. He made a point that no other religion or group would have their beliefs attacked in a documentary and then be featured at Sundance. In one of his most controversial lines, Danny Masterson said that any person who felt compelled to attack his religion without taking time to understand it or read about it should “go f***” themselves.


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