TST and Missouri Are at It Again over Abortion Rights

The Satanic Temple and Missouri Are at It Again over Abortion Rights

TST and Missouri Are at It Again over Abortion Rights
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The Satanic Temple already won a case against Missouri last year for the same thing

The state of Missouri has again faced a legal challenge from The Satanic Temple[/tweetit] concerning its 72 hour waiting period for any woman who wants an abortion. The same law compels these women to go through a booklet filled with false information in the hope that they will change their minds. According to Satanists, both these actions are not necessary from the medical point of view. They say the law violates the Satanic beliefs of the anonymous plaintiff. The beliefs declare that a person's body cannot be violated, with the exception of one’s own will.

TST and Missouri Are at It Again over Abortion Rights[/tweetthis]

As per the supplied booklets, the process of abortion will terminate the life of a unique and separate human being. It is to be noted members of The Satanic Temple do not believe in any literal Satan. They regard Satan as a particular metaphor for any rebellion against tyranny. A case among similar lines was filed against Missouri in 2015. The effort came to naught as the concerned Judge dismissed the matter, saying she had an abortion and thus was not pregnant anymore. Henry Edward Autrey, the Judge in question, dismissed the original suit of The Satanic Temple after he waited about nine months to give his ruling. According to The Satanic Temple, the case was determined in a prejudicial manner due to plaintiff being not pregnant any longer. This ruling was appealed by The Satanic Temple and the latter also argued in front of State Supreme Court. The ruling, in this case, is still awaited.

Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, said that with this new suit filed and the previous complaint before State Supreme Court, his organization has proved that the Office of the Attorney General has lied all through the hearings that the issue could be regarded as a one-off case when to comes to the religious liberty of the membership of The Satanic Temple.

The new suit brought by the plaintiff, known simply as “Judy Doe,” was facilitated by The Satanic Temple. This suit puts forward the argument that her religion, since she is a member of The Satanic Temple, should exclude her from the abortion restrictions imposition as it conflicts with her personal beliefs.

As Missouri continues to enforce its abortion regulatory powers and actively promotes the religious concept of life starting at conception, it has been argued by The Satanic Temple that these actions violate the Establishment Clause.

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