How Often Do Americans Change Their Religion? New Survey From Pew

By HelenIMSOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Survey by Pew Research Center sheds light on factors which affect religious change among Americans

Pew Research Center conducted a study in 2015 which examined how Americans look for new devotion groups. According to the survey, at least 49 percent of the participants have spent time looking for a new congregation or church.

However, there are several factors which determine the likelihood of Americans taking a step in this direction. Pew Research Center found 59 percent of college-educated individuals have considered making changes in their religious congregation. However, only 38 percent of the participants who completed high school or lower types of education did the same.

Similarly, upon closer examination of the data from the survey, it is clear Americans who earn larger incomes are more likely to exhibit this trait of looking for new churches.

The data sheds light on how education and income play a role in the lives of religious Americans. For example, out of 49 percent of the participants who looked for a new congregation or church, 44 percent of them have an average income of $75,000. These groups of participants spent a portion of their time looking at the congregation online.

On the other hand, of participants whose average income falls between $30,000 to $74,999, only 37% wanted to change their religious congregation or church. Similarly, this figure drops down to 28 percent for the income group who earn $30,000 or less.

According to the survey, people who have a higher average income conduct proper research about where to worship. For instance, they visit these holy places to be a part of the service and communicate with their colleagues and friends before deciding to change where they offer their prayers.

There is another theory which attempts to explain why education has such an essential role in people’s lives, especially when it comes to changing one’s religious congregation. People who spend longer durations in school pick up valuable skills on how to research effectively. 71 percent of the participants who are college graduates have conversed with members of the church to decide which congregation to choose. Of those with a high school degree or lower, only 63 percent did the same.


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