Muslim Ban Receives Yet Another Federal Block

Trump’s immigration ban has been blocked again by a Federal Judge.

Although Trump has been tough on his stance on immigration, research by Pew shows that nearly 2,500 immigrants have entered the U.S. during his presidency. In fact, these immigrants are all from six of the countries that the president had placed a ban on. In sum, more than 7,000 immigrants entered the U.S. in the first seven weeks of Trump’s presidency.

Muslim Ban Receives Yet Another Federal Block[/tweetthis]

The ban became famous as Trump’s ‘Muslim ban,’ bringing the president under fire from critics all over the world. All six countries that Trump banned are Muslim-majority nations, and his move was perceived as a discriminatory act against Muslims in general. However, the Trump government defended itself saying that the ban was only on countries from where most terrorists come from. Besides, they pointed out that if the ban was on Muslims, then all Muslims from all countries around the world would have been banned, instead of only six countries.

Trump himself said in January that the ban was not about religion or about banning Muslims. He insisted that the ban was purely for security reasons and to keep Americans safe. His statements followed the series of federal court rulings that the ban was unconstitutional and issued a stay order against the ban.

Almost an equal number of Muslims and Christians constitute the total immigrants who have entered the U.S.A., with Christians making up 43 percent and Muslims making up 45 percent. Immigrants from the restricted nations ironically make up almost a third of the whole total of immigrants who have been granted admission into the U.S.

Trump’s Muslim ban received yet another rebuttal from the federal courts[/tweetit] on March 15. A judge in Hawaii refused to accept Trump’s claims that the ban is about security. District Judge Derrick Watson called the ban illogical and said there’s plenty of evidence of the ban being a result of religious animosity. He even said that although Court decisions normally cannot judge a government’s hidden motives while making decisions, Trump’s case is different as there is the intention is not hidden at all. Watson believes that the ban violates the First Amendment and has stiffly opposed it.

Many companies, celebrities and even religious figures have expressed their disappointment over the ban. Notable among these are Dropbox, Airbnb, Lyft, Apple, Amazon and so on. These companies are also among the 50 companies that signed a brief opposing the ban.


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