L.A. Latinos and Muslims Unite in Trump’s America

Latinos, Muslims, and Latino-Muslims stand together in Southern California. Southern California is one of the few places in the United States where two of

Muslim Ban Receives Yet Another Federal Block

Trump's immigration ban has been blocked again by a Federal Judge. Although Trump has been tough on his stance on immigration, research by Pew

Protestant and Orthodox Churches Announce Campaign to Welcome Refugees

Religious organizations are coming forward to defy the government and support immigrants. Refuting Donald Trump’s decisions on banning migrants, a network of Protestant and

Angelina Jolie Condemns Trump’s Muslim Ban

Angelina Jolie responds to Trump's ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries. Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie came down heavily against the refugee ban by

Donald Trump signing document

An American Muslim on the Executive Order Banning Muslims

Featured Contributor Shehla Ahmad says there are many aspects of the executive order which need to be examined. Should we close our doors on

Khizr Khan Celebrates the Court Ruling Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

"There will not be any ban" says Khizr Khan. Khizr Khan, who shot into prominence in 2016 as an activist against the then Republican

Religion in the 2017 GRAMMY Awards

The 2017 Grammy Awards: gospel hymns, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, the immigration ban, and Oshun. The 2017 Grammy Awards show was filled with religion[/tweetit],

LeBron James Criticizes Trump’s Immigration Ban

LeBron James says Trump's immigration ban "divides and excludes people." The Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James has expressed strong criticism against the President’s order banning

Over 500 Evangelical Leaders Sign Letter Against Trump’s Immigration Order

Evangelical leaders from all 50 States sign a letter against Trump’s immigration Ban Over 500 evangelical leaders and pastors have signed a letter against

Katy Perry and George Takei Standing Up for American Muslims

Katy Perry and George Takei are both using their platforms to counter Islamophobia before Trump's inauguration. Following the rise of Islamophobic rhetoric and hate