Khizr Khan Celebrates the Court Ruling Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

“There will not be any ban” says Khizr Khan.

Khizr Khan, who shot into prominence in 2016 as an activist against the then Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, told protesters to remain careful and not engage in violence.

He is afraid violence will provide President Trump a reason to further chip away at the U.S. civil liberties.

Khizr Khan Celebrates the Court Ruling Against Trump’s Muslim Ban[/tweetthis]

Beyond a doubt, Khan is emotionally invested in the campaign to dissolve the immigration ban. Khan’s son, Humayun Khan, a captain in the United States Army, lost his life in Iraq. The incident happened in 2014 when an explosive packed vehicle drove towards the compound where Khan and his fellow U.S. soldiers were put up. Seeing the vehicle, the 27-year-old professional soldier ordered his comrades to take cover. He then ran towards the vehicle and died when the automobile exploded. His action saved many lives that day.

The electoral victory of Trump has done nothing to damp the zeal with which Khan continues to speak against the Trump administration. Khan even refers to the administration as a “clown show,” an epithet he gave, according to him, for disparaging and scapegoating Muslims. Khan is full of admiration for the thousands of protesters congregating at airports when Trump gave an executive order banning refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for a period of 90 days. Syrian citizens are barred indefinitely.

Khizr Khan celebrated after an appeals court rebuffed the Trump travel ban.[/tweetit] He celebrated the turn of events surrounded by his admirers at the Islamic Center of Greater Miami. He assured them there will be no ban and reminded the cheering crowd all judges of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal have unanimously stayed the ban.

Khan told the audience the travel ban speaks volumes about the malice which the President, Cabinet members, and a few among the national security personnel have against Muslims. He assured them real patriots among the Republicans know these are not American values. Khan has termed the ban and Trump's hostile reaction against the U.S. judiciary as “an embarrassment”. He continued on to imply that Trump is also an immigrant and a majority of his current and ex-wives are also from outside the country. It seemed Trump has forgotten this fact and it is the job of citizens to remind him.


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