Meet the Nuns Relieving People’s Pain with Marijuana

Meet the Nuns Relieving People’s Pain with Marijuana

Meet the Nuns Relieving People’s Pain with Marijuana

These self-proclaimed nuns, Sisters of the Valley, are on a mission to heal the world with medical marijuana.

Darcy Johnson, 24, and Christine Meeusen, 55, believe in the healing power of medical marijuana rich in cannabidiol. Cannabidiol can lower inflammation, suppress seizures, and reduce nausea. It can also help with depression and anxiety.

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According to Christine Meeusen, also known as Sister Kate, marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, debilitating diseases, and even cancer. The sisters grow varieties of medical marijuana in the yard of their home in California's rural Central Valley. They then make lotions, tinctures, oils, and salves out of it, and sell them via their medicinal cannabis company, Sisters of the Valley.

Before March 24, 2016, the sisters sold their products through Etsy, an e-commerce website. Sisters of the Valley used to net sales as high as $40,000 in a month. Then, on March 24, Etsy shut them down without any notice. This happened after a photo article about them appeared on the website Tech Insider.

According to Etsy, they shut the Sisters of the Valley down in accordance with the company’s policy that does not allow the sale of drugs via their platform. As of now, the sisters are raising money through GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website.

While they may not be “official” or “traditional” nuns, Sister Kate says that the real nuns in this country are going extinct. There are five elements that make a nun, which they follow: living together, wearing the same clothes, taking a vow of obedience to the moon cycles, a vow of chastity, and vow of ecology. According to the sisters, they do not think that a vow of chastity requires celibacy, and they do not harm the environment while making the medicine.

Sisters of the Valley is open only to women. However, in the overall operation of the company, male business associates, student volunteers and construction workers, are included. Sister Kate says that all the decisions are made by her and Sister Darcy. From the time the company was established in 2015, Sister Kate only allowed women at its helm.

According to her, women will bridge the gap between the acceptance of medicinal marijuana as a medicine and the reputation of marijuana as a drug to get stoned. Sister Kate says that women are born with a natural gift for healing.

One of the fastest-growing industries in today's world is the legal cannabis industry. Last year, the industry made $5.4 billion. Sisters of the Valley is expected to earn between $400,000 and $500,000, this year. However, the sisters insist that they are not in this industry for fame and/or money. The only aim of Sisters of the Valley is to heal people.


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