My God Beats Your God

My God Beats Your God

My God Beats Your God
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The Sun Is The Only Deity That Makes Sense

My religion beats your religion. Give me your best shot. I feel confident I will be able to beat any argument you have. Who do I worship? The sun. This seems like the only religion that makes sense. It can convert atheists, make agnostics get off the fence, and change the tune of any major religion. Let me explain.

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First, you can see the sun every day. Unlike other deities, there is constant physical proof that it exists (the sun is gender neutral). But do not look too close, mine is a vengeful God and you must bow your head to it, or become blind with its almighty power. It is even there when you cannot see it.

Second, it has historical context. The sun has been worshipped since ancient times and has been included in some form in every major religion. One could say it is one of the few connections between all major religions. We have known the power of the sun since we have created organized religion.

Third, my God is scientifically proven. The sun gives us the food we need. The sun has numerous health benefits for humans. What happens if you forsake my God? Well, you get physical problems and can make you emotionally imbalanced. Not worshipping my God literally makes you sad.

While other religions may make that claim in the theoretical, no one has the mountain of scientifically verified evidence to prove it’s existence. Don’t believe in science? No worries, just try to go a week without the sun. See what happens. Try a month. Then a year. My God cannot be forsaken, it’s pull is magnetic. In fact, it controls how the Earth moves.

So how does one worship and give thanks to the sun? Easy, by regularly going outside and showing homage. Second, by making sure that we respect the bounty the sun gives us. Some say that the destruction of the Ozone Layer through Greenhouse Gas emission will lead to deadly radiation from the sun hitting the Earth, causing cataclysmic destruction. But that is really the way the sun is showing its wrath.

You do not show enough respect to the environment and squander the gift that my god gives you? Then you get burned. And this is a hellish inferno that does not wait until the afterlife.

So the next time you go around and tell others their beliefs are wrong, their religion is one of violence or yelling at Santa Claus for promoting evil, I want you to do something. I want you to go outside and look (not directly) at the sun and remember; my God is there watching you. Prove my god wrong.


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