Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Houses of Worship: Wilshire Boulevard Temple

It’s 1929 in Los Angeles. There are one million residents in the city. Miracle Mile is becoming the new commercial center, drawing people out

Religious News From Around the Web, Jan 13th 2020

Giving Machines, Blaine Amendment, Religious Court Cases, Confessional Confidentiality, Taliban Destroyed now Repaired, Jewish and Muslim Women Meet, ERA is Dead Latter-day Saints Giving

Yom Kippur and You: An Interview with Rabbi Ron Li-Paz

For those not raised Jewish, the High Holy Days may seem confusing or strange, something from another time and place. But according to Rabbi

Pastafarians and the Jesters

To become a Catholic Priest or a Jewish Rabbi requires years of training and study. To become a Buddhist Monk one must give up


Transhumanism: Path to be Godlike or Ignore God’s Plan?

Transhumanism belief that by means of Science and Technology humans can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations. Are human beings on a

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

New study shows Jews are undercounted in the U.S. The number of Jewish people in the United States is continuing to rise according to

Christian Man Refuses to Pay Taxes Because He Opposes Abortion

Man Wins Not Paying Taxes Because They Support Abortion

The judge dismissed the IRS prosecutor's statement Michael Bowman of Columbia City, Oregon, has refused to pay income tax or file his tax return

Anti-Semitism Risen To Historic Levels in America

Anti-Semitism Has Risen to Historic Levels in America

ADL says the prevailing political climate has enabled hate to increase. New York City-headquartered Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has reported a staggering 57 percent jump

Is Poland Trying to Forget The Holocaust?

Is Poland Trying to Forget The Holocaust? New Controversial Bill

New controversial bill could silence discussion of Poland’s role in Holocaust. History is not just a collection of facts. It is a living entity

Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate

Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate

It’s part of the Holocaust Memorial Day Campaign On Wednesday, an international coalition of Jewish societies and communities released a video carrying the message