1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

New study shows Jews are undercounted in the U.S.

The number of Jewish people in the United States is continuing to rise according to census data and estimates. The information has been estimated based on past trends by the American Jewish Population Project. What they found was rather surprising.

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color[/tweetthis]

First and foremost, the number of practicing Jewish adults in the United States is about 4.2 million individuals. However, when accounting for children, there are an added 1.5 million into the mix. When the project also considered people that were Jewish by heritage but non-practicing, the overall number of Jewish people in the United States topped out at 7.16 million individuals.

Now, when one imagines Jewish people in the United States, a picture of rabbis and perhaps certain sects appear in mind. One of the things the census takers found was that a lot of the people out there believed that all Jewish people were right, and that is nothing short of inaccurate.

There have been various attempts to count and categorize Jewish people in the U.S., and one trend that keeps appearing is the prevalence of more Jewish people of color. It’s not that hard to imagine that such a large religion has people in a diverse nation with many skin colors coming out to hear their message.

While the problem of underrepresentation is critical enough as it is, the fact remains that the Jewish individuals in the U.S. that are “Jews of Color” are often not correctly counted on the censuses or counted by groups trying to discover the population of an entire religious group.

Part of the problem is the Jewish people that were counted among the census did not have their color or ethnicity noted during that time. That has led to the ongoing belief that there are not as many Jewish people of color out there in the country. Alongside questioning habits that didn’t fully explain the purpose of discovering people with Jewish roots, it is now estimated that 1 million out of the 7.2 million people that are Jewish in the U.S. are people of color[/tweetit].

This vast disparity in reporting and reality show that the Jewish heritage is far more diverse than the religion has been given credit for in the past. It also indicates a desperate need for the Census Bureau and others to learn how to seek and record certain groups of people accurately


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