Religious News From Around the Web, Jan 20th 2020

Confessional Seal Breach, Sikhs Census, Vaccination Exemptions, Methodist Agree to Split, 50 Countries Suppressive to Christians, India’s CAA Turmoil, China Increases Social Control Sikhs

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

1 Million of Jews in the U.S. Are of Color

New study shows Jews are undercounted in the U.S. The number of Jewish people in the United States is continuing to rise according to

Pope Francis Urges U.S. President-Elect Trump Not to Forget The Poor

The leader of the Catholic Church believes that inequality is the biggest problem today; reminds Trump that Christian life is about acceptance and inclusiveness.

Twitter Takes Action Against Abusive Behavior and ISIS Propaganda

Twitter’s updated stance and action against online abuse Social media has been increasingly used as a platform to propagate hateful rhetoric. Religious groups are