TST Detroit

Satanic Temple Performs Its First Public Ceremony at Michigan…

The Satanic Temple held it's first state-sanctioned ceremony. The Michigan State Capitol has been the venue of numerous Read More

Twitter Takes Action Against Abusive Behavior and ISIS Propaganda

Twitter’s updated stance and action against online abuse Social media has been increasingly used as a platform to Read More

Families urged to forgive

Pope Urges Families to Forgive and to Journey to…

Pope Francis encourages family unity and the power of forgiveness. On the occasion of the Feast of the Read More

Christians more dangerous than Muslims

45% of Democrats Think Christians Are A Greater Threat…

Atheists, Democrats see Christians as a danger to the U.S. A new WND/Clout poll conducted by Clout Research Read More

Nusrat Qadir Fear vs Extremists

Fear versus the Extremists: The Rhetoric of Hate Must…

Featured Contributor Nusrat Qadir implores Americans to counter fear and hate by inviting Trump and his followers to Read More

Pope kiss cures cancer

The Pope’s Kiss Killed Cancer, Cures 12-year-old Girl

A kiss and healing prayer from Pope Francis cured a little girl of cancer Pope Francis, the head Read More