Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate

Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate

Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate
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It’s part of the Holocaust Memorial Day Campaign

On Wednesday, an international coalition of Jewish societies and communities released a video carrying the message of nine Jewish women. All women were survivors of the Holocaust, and they have a message for the world: to speak out against racism and other hateful actions and speech.

Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Hate[/tweetthis]

During the Second World War, Hitler and his army led one of the largest genocides ever recorded in what the world remembers as the Holocaust. They murdered over 6 million Jewish and other minority ethnicities, including the gypsies and the disabled. Holocaust Memorial Day celebrates the day when the Soviets rescued about 7,000 Holocaust survivors from the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in modern-day Poland. The United Nations officiated the annual commemoration day in 2005.

The video of the nine Holocaust survivors is part of a campaign by the World Jewish Congress to urge the world to remember and learn from the events of the Holocaust. In the video, the women take turns to remind people that no matter what, they should speak up against any signs of racist, discriminatory and hateful action against others in the community. They urge the public to do this to “honor the past” and “protect the future.”

WJC is not the only organization which is encouraging unity ahead of the HMD, which falls on January 27th this year.

BBC is hosting its yearly Holocaust Antiques Roadshow on HMD which is known as the Shoah in the Jewish community. According to event organizers, the roadshow is geared towards reminding the general public what happens if hateful actions go unchecked. It is meant to remind them to “learn from past mistakes … to create a safer future.”

The Holocaust was a period when division and hatred reigned. Its commemoration day, however, represents a time when people of different nationalities and faiths come together to promote peace and unity.


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