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Democrats Not Invited to White House Hanukkah Party

Donald Trump
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Only Jews supporting President Trump policies were invited

President Donald J. Trump of the United States intentionally did not invite any Jewish Congressional Democrats to the Hanukkah party[/tweetit]- an annual fixture at the White House. He demonstrated by this act that partisanship in Washington can pollute even benign religious holidays. Jewish Democrats were the ones left out. They observed that previous presidents had invited members-regardless of party affiliation- to the festivities.

Democrats Not Invited to White House Hanukkah Party[/tweetthis]

Trump, known for his tilt towards people who kowtow to him and does not forget those who oppose him, did not invite Reform Jewish leaders either. These leaders were invariably those who publicly criticized him or differed with the US president over issues pertaining policies. The president, for his part, was completely immune to his breach of protocol as he spoke to a friendly crowd standing in the middle of Christmas trees. He said that he was sure that the room was full of happy people, before uttering a single word, “Jerusalem.” The president then wished everyone present a Happy Hanukkah. A menorah was lit by Trump's young grandchildren.

The occasion was particularly a more joyous one for those in attendance due to the fact that the president, only a day before, has delighted a number of conservative Jews. He achieved it by declaring the ancient city of Jerusalem the new Israeli capital. He also committed himself to move the U.S. embassy to the ancient, historic metropolis.

Trump's non-invite to many Jewish lawmakers and citizens was the more shocking as there are more Jews in the Democratic Party compared to the GOP. For a total of 30 Jewish House members, 28 are Democrats. The only Jews who were invited were right of center ones like Mort Klein, the president of Zionist Organization of America. Klein once described the former President Barack Obama as an anti-Semite and Jew hater.

White House officials predictably dismissed such partisanship charges, saying to the questioning media that the White House was seemingly not aware of the guests' political affiliation, but the event in 2017 was supposed to be a more personal one compared to a political one.

The White House held event did not stop at the building itself. Revelers, after the party, moved to the second reception at Trump International Hotel. The latter was funded by the Republican Jewish Coalition. The latter is sponsored by Sheldon Adelson. A number of Trump acolytes were also seen in the room, including Tampa socialite Jill Kelley.


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