U.S. State Department Report Explores Global Efforts in the Fight Against Antisemitism

Ten days before Palestinian militants attacked Israel on October 7, threatening a Middle East conflict all but certain to further stoke anti-Jewish sentiment, the

The Seven Steps, the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem

Worries Mount in Israel Amid Anti-Christian Attacks

From acts of spitting and vandalism to instances of assault, numerous attacks have occurred this year targeting Christians in Israel and their sacred sites,

Rabbi Michael Shevack - Israel

Law for Peace: Beyond Palestinian and Israeli Land Claims

The idea hit me as I was driving, through the border from Germany to France: Germany, a separate state? France, a separate state? So,

Is Iran the Eternal Enemy of the West? By L. Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.

I grew up in the 1970s, when the U.S. first had overtly negative dealings with Iran. In 1953, we had helped to topple the

HBO's Israeli Drama ‘Our Boys’

HBO’s ‘Our Boys’ is Based on True Story of Three Kidnapped Jewish Teenagers

Our Boys is the story of three Jewish teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered. HBO is no stranger to powerful and unsettling stories. The

Jerusalem's Holy Sites App for the Blind

Jerusalem’s Holy Sites App for the Blind

Making the Old City more accessible The City of Jerusalem is taking new steps to ensure that everyone is able to access the holy

55th annual Celebrate Israel Day Parade

55th Annual Celebrate Israel Day Parade

Thousands of American Jews marched Jewish-Americans marched through New York's Fifth Avenue on June 2, waving Israeli flags.[/tweetit] The marchers also held pro-Israel signs

The Ascension of Jesus

The 40th day after Easter The Ascension of Jesus will be celebrated on May 30th, 2019, marking the 40th day following Easter.[/tweetit] This holiday

Haredi Jews Protesting Eurovision Song Contest Disperse After Women Strip Down to Their Bras

Haredi Jews Protesting Eurovision Song Contest Disperse After Women Strip Down to Their Bras

Ultra-conservatives are forbidden to look at women as per their faith Jerusalem police received help from an unexpected quarter when officers riding horses tried

The 'Holy Stairs' Uncovered for the Public

For the First Time in 300 Years Rome’s ‘Holy Stairs’ Are Open to the Public

It will be open until June 9 Visitors to the Vatican can now see the Holy Stairs in all their original glory[/tweetit] as the