Mormons Invite Muslims to Pray At Their Church

Mormon Muslim pray

A Mormon church in Australia is receiving praise after a photo of a Muslim man praying in their church goes viral.

A Mormon church in Brisbane, Australia has received plenty of praise from individuals and groups around the world when they invited a group of Muslim worshippers from a local mosque to visit their Church and pray with them. Facebook pictures of Ali Kadri, who is a representative of the Islamic Council of Queensland, show that he and his fellow worshippers prayed at the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints on December 12.

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One of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had invited the group of Muslim worshippers as part of their annual Christmas outreach program. According to Ali Kadri, the hosts displayed “amazing manners” while they were leading the multi-faith groups though the church on a tour. The members of the LDS church reportedly gave the group a room within the church in the evenings when it was time for prayers.

In the Facebook post that went viral, Kadri wrote “Two faiths praying to the same God in a different way within the same building.” Within about 24 hours after the post, it was shared by more than 5600 individuals and groups from all over the world. According to sources, Mr. Kadri believes that the post became popular because people from all over the world are hungry for news about love and respect.

Yesterday we went to Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints at kangaroo point for a tour and their Christmas program….

Posted by Ali Kadri on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sue Owen, the Queensland Director of Public Affairs for the host church believes that inviting people from different faiths to their event was a great way to connect with members who belong to different religions. She said that they will be able to promote peace only when they try and find out what they have in common instead of searching for what sets them apart. According to sources, she said, “We really think that by joining together we will find peace.”

Mr. Kadri believes that such gestures should be so common that it not be seen as anything special. He reportedly said, “The fact that this post has gone viral simply shows that we need to keep on doing this 'til it becomes the norm.” Mr. Kadri hopes that actions like these will overshadow the news of negativity and hate that is rampant around the world and believes that “it is only those who unity humanity who will leave a legacy.”


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