It's Love! At Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway Reveals the #1 Most Searched Terms

The mission of Bible Gateway is to honor Christ. Bible Gateway, the popular online scripture resource, has revealed several illuminating statistics[/tweetit] concerning its readers

Justin Bieber's Next Album will be Heavily Influenced by His Faith

Justin Bieber’s Next Album will be Heavily Influenced by His Faith

Justin Bieber is looking for songs of redemption and love. If reports are to be believed, Justin Bieber's upcoming album will be a Christian

WRN Interview With Christian Thinker and Speaker Jeff Bethke

Jeff Bethke Gives Revealing Look at Using Social Media for God

The Widely Popular Christian Thinker and Spoken Word Artist Speaks About How His Ideas and Success Jeff Bethke. A man who views on faith

Sikh Activist’s To Make Love A Force For Social Justice

Sikh Activists to Make Love A Force For Social Justice

Valarie Kaur wants to unite a deeply polarized America Valarie Kaur, an experienced interfaith organizer and a lawyer by profession, holds the belief that

God’s Design for Sex

Author Nancy Houston says our sexuality is a window into our Creator. God designed us as sexual creatures with a purpose in mind. He

Pope praises 'multi-religious' race

Nuns and Refugees Participate in Religious Half-Marathon in Rome, Commended by Pope Francis

Runners came from multiple faiths Participants of 'Via Pacis' race, where amateur athletes comprising of nuns, refugees, disabled, and parents pushing their children, ran

The Shores of Our Souls: A Christian-Muslim Love Story Inspired by 9/11

Kathryn Ramsperger shares the inspiration for her new book, The Shores of Our Souls, along with an excerpt. I wrote my novel The Shores of

On May 1 Wiccans Will Celebrate Beltane

Beltane is an occasion that marks the changing seasons. Beltane, also known as May Eve and Walpurgis, Beltane is a special day celebrated on

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Advice on How to Deal with Anger and Trump

Using the Practice of Mindfulness to cope with Trump Thich Nhat Hanh, one of modern world’s greatest spiritual leaders, says challenging anger with anger

What is the Importance of Love in World Religions?

World Religion News Celebrates Valentine’s Day: Love According to World Religions In anticipation of the day of love, Valentine’s Day, we explore the different