So Be It Documentary

New Documentary “So Be It” Showcases Thai Buddhism

So Be It Documentary

From indie filmmakers Kongdej Jaturanrasmee and Soros Sukhum, “So Be It” follows two young Buddhists in Thailand learning about and growing up in their faith.

There are still film makers out there who have a drive and a passion to make documentaries and films that go off the beaten track, and look at the world from a completely different perspective than western audiences are used to. One such film is a documentary that follows two young Buddhist boys called “So Be It.”

This new film has been the project of indie filmmakers created by Kongdej Jaturanrasmee and Soros Sukhum. These two have a history of searching for new stories and new ways to look at the world through the medium of film. The documentary “So Be It” explores the complex and beautiful role that the faith of Buddhism plays in Thai society. It follows two young boys and watches them grow up and learn about the world around them while showcasing the world of Thai Buddhism.

What makes this film so wonderful, however, is that it seems to have been purposely created for those who do not have a full understanding of what Buddhism is in the first place. There is a gentle explanation of the main core beliefs within Buddhism, given to the viewer by children and teachers, and then you are introduced into the worlds of William and Bundit, two boys who are starting to think a little more seriously about the decisions that they are starting to make and how those decisions could affect them for the rest of their lives – and perhaps beyond.

Sorawit William Caudullo is a young Thai-American who had gained social media stardom before “So Be It” by appearing in a reality show about young boys undertaking Buddhist monk rituals called “Samanean Pruk Panya.” His story is about a young child who wants to learn more about the Buddhist faith from a monk he met while on his TV show Sanan Titameto.

The second subject of “So Be It” is Bundit Laocharoeysuk, a young boy who had not seen his family for years after being sent to a Buddhist boarding school. A bit of a troublemaker, his story revolves around his being sent back to his family to let some of Buddhism’s core values sink in and inspire him.

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