The Sunday Assembly Expanding

Atheists Announce Plans To Create Godless Churches Around The World

The Sunday Assembly Expanding
Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, founders of The Sunday Assembly plan to expand their churches across the globe

The need for environments for non-believers to have a place to “worship” is continuing to become more and more prevalent. The Sunday Assembly, a godless congergation based in London, has recently announced they intend to partake in a “40 days and 40 nights” tour. The purpose of this tour is to get more godless churches established around the world.

The two founders of the church, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, have released a 2:16 minute YouTube video with a humorous twist promoting their mission to start your own Sunday Assembly:

According to Evans and Jones, they plan to visit 22 different locations around the world with the hopes of inspiring fellow atheists to establish godless churches within their hometowns. The tour will be happening in October and November of this year.

This is only the first step in their plans to expand their congregation. They have already made plans for a follow-up tour that is scheduled for December. The founders have plans to visit a few popular locations in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. reports that according to a recent press release, The Sunday Assembly has accumulated a massive amount of followers during the last few months. The press release states “the 3000% growth rate might make this non-religious Assembly the fastest growing church in the world, catering to the fastest growing belief / non-belief group.”

Online Magazine Don’t Panic has also released a video news report on the organization:

The Sunday Assembly’s mission is “to help everyone find and fulfill their full potential.“ They began to broadcast their message to an international audience with the hopes of non-believers all over the world finally having a place to go and experience a community with other individuals who feel the same way they do.


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