Atheist Connected to Satanic Temple Wants to Make A Real Change in Senate


Steve Hill is running for senate and will not let religious beliefs supersede the Constitution, which he says is contrary to what other senators are doing.

Steve Hill, comedian, a former marine, former correctional officer, former campus supervisor, and former real estate appraiser, has decided to continue honoring his oath to protect the nation, the constitution, and the people against all enemies, foreign and domestic, by running for the Senate in California. Hill is also an atheist and a member of The Satanic Temple.

Atheist Connected to Satanic Temple Wants to Make A Real Change in Senate[/tweetthis]

Steve Hill is an African-American who began his life in poverty on the north side of St. Louis. Keeping with the family tradition, he joined the United States Marine Corps after completing high school in 1979. Five years of service saw him earning the rank of Sergeant (E-5). He then pursued a career in the aerospace industry after relocating to Los Angeles. A decade later, he opted to become a part of the California Department of Corrections. After 10 years of service, he took up the role of campus supervisor for the student and faculty safety.

The early 2000s saw him making another major career change as a real estate appraiser. A witness to the Wall Street corruption and the mortgage meltdown, he decided to become the voice for the underrepresented and suppressed working class families of America. A wise man, he knew the best way to address the social injustice happening in the society was through one of the purest forms of sociopolitical commentary, comedy. A gifted comedian, he was able to address and find a resolution to many of society's problems.

Steve Hill is one of the four candidates running for the California State Senate from District 21. A lot of people expected him to play it safe and not mention about being an atheist and a member of The Satanic Temple. However, Hill is being very open about who he is. According to him, as an organizer for The Satanic Temple’s Los Angeles Chapter, he plans to fight for total religious freedom.

Hill believes that America’s offices of political authority are run byspineless candidates” who do not understand the true value of their position and are totally unaware of the limits of their power. Establishment politicians whose only loyalty is to the highest bidder, have caused the ever-widening income gap in the country. Corporations, who are speaking against immigrants are actually exploiting immigrant labor at home. They operate child-labor sweatshops overseas.

Hill believes education is underfunded and the military is overfunded. The loyalty of senators and congressional representatives to their religious faith has completely superseded their loyalty to the Constitution and Religious Liberty. The American political system right now is more concerned about religious expressions than real issues like sheltering the homeless, improving health care services, and so on.

Hill says this is a disgrace.

Steve Hill is hoping that his election to the Senate in California would serve as an end of an era of corporate-sponsored candidates and of assaults against their Constitutional liberties. He is calling everyone to come together to make his or her children's future better.

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