Why Does Facebook Not Want Catholic Content?

Why Did Facebook Block Catholic Content?

Zuckerberg Grilled About Facebook’s Official Policies Members of Congress questioned Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg about the social media giant's censorship of content

Sam Brownback renominated by Trump

Anti-LGBT Sam Brownback Renominated for Religious Freedom Ambassador

Brownback is known for his fierce anti-LGBT rants Sam Brownback, the Kansas Governor, is all set to get another shot to take part in

Alabama Clergy Show Letter of Support Roy Moore

Roy Moore Getting Support from Alabama Clergy

Online Petition with over 50 Signatures Defend Christian Values Does the importance of personal beliefs sometimes mean you are willing to forget the core

Muslim Senatorial Candidate Faces Islamophobia

Muslim Senatorial Candidate Deedra Abboud Faces Islamophobia

Senatorial Candidate from Phoenix, Arizona Receives Regular Hate Mail 45-year-old Deedra Abboud is a Democratic candidate from Phoenix, Arizona, who hopes to be elected

White woman wearing burka

Risky Burqa Stunt Causes Shock and Strident Response

Sparks Conversation about Clothing and Security About a month ago, Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson decided to wear an Islamic garb into the senate meeting

In a Rare Moment, LDS Elder Conducts Opening Prayer in Senate

Elder Todd Christofferson is one of very few LDS leaders given the opportunity to conduct the morning prayer at the Senate. Keeping in line

Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate

Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate

Openly black atheist campaigns for U.S. Senate. A black atheist has stepped up to contest in the elections for the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma.

Atheist Connected to Satanic Temple Wants to Make A Real Change in Senate

Steve Hill is running for senate and will not let religious beliefs supersede the Constitution, which he says is contrary to what other senators