Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate

Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate

Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate
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Openly black atheist campaigns for U.S. Senate.

A black atheist has stepped up to contest in the elections for the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma. While the competition runs really high, with Republicans like Donald Trump and James Lankford far ahead in the race, independent candidates like Sean Braddy are highly unlikely to win.

Sean Braddy, a Black Atheist Running for U.S. Senate.[/tweetthis]

To add to the odds that are stacked against him, Braddy is openly atheist. Though he says he was born in a churchgoing religious family, he gave up religion after the birth of his child. He believes that children should grow up with freethinking, unbound by any kind of belief systems that hold them back. As such, he thought that leaving religion behind is the best thing for his child's future.

Even before Braddy became an atheist, however, he had always harbored doubts against Christianity. He recounts that he grew up at a time when the Ku Klux Klan were actively carrying out their atrocities in the name of religion, trying to enforce their racist and intolerant ideology throughout America. These atrocities committed by people who call themselves Christians made him greatly disillusioned with the faith.

The Ku Klux Klan are a fundamentalist Christian organization that believes in the supremacy of the White American Christian. This group has carried out a number of violent campaigns against Blacks and non-Americans who they believe are infidels and outside of God's grace. The Ku Klux Klan was once a notorious terrorist organization which has now sizzled down due to lack of support from people and tougher legal regulations.

Braddy says that he has been in association with Oklahoma Atheist group for the past two years. However, despite his lack of belief in religion, the candidate is that kind of atheist who doesn't try to push his lack of beliefs over others. He believes that just as he is entitled to not believe in religion, believers have a right to practice their faith. As such, he happens to be an atheist who has “simply left religion behind,” as opposed to those who are actively in war against theists. An open-minded person, Braddy says that as an atheist, he looks at all systems of faith equally and has neither any favorites nor any prejudices. He respects all religions, understanding that each has something to offer.

Needless to say, atheist candidates will definitely find it difficult to garner the support of people. However, Braddy's open-mindedness may definitely prove to make him a popular candidate in Oklahoma.


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