Today Jews Celebrate Lag B’Omer

Remembering a Better World By Blair Thomas

Today Jews Celebrate Lag B’OmerI remember as a young child of around four years old standing in my front yard and watching a squadron of planes flying in formation overhead. It was a time where heroes of World War II adorned the movie screen and the defeat of an oppressive Nazi regime was still lingering in the minds of our people.

I felt as a young child glad that I was here in the United States and how much we as a united people stood with pride at our accomplishments to advance freedom. We went to church and prayed before going to bed each night. We had our local Priest over for dinner and were honored that he chose to join us (my mom’s fried chicken was the best). Church was a symbol of goodness and considered sacred. We loved our president and were heartbroken when we lost him to an assassin’s hate-propelled bullet.

Fast forward to today and it seems we have forgotten who we are and have truly lost our way and enemies have infiltrated our country and are working hard to make us forget.

Long gone is the memory of the Declaration of Independence and a Civil War to rid ourselves of slavery and the thousands of lives lost as we successfully fought to restore freedom to our African American Brothers and a Civil Rights movement to restore equality.

Churches are ridiculed and considered non-essential while smoking dope is considered essential by leading medical authorities.

We used to believe that drug dealers were neighborhood thugs and today welcome them with open arms – granting them unfettered access to our young with their marijuana infused gummy bears that target the under-privileged areas with drug dealing dispensaries to create future generations of customers and addicts.

The president is openly hated and mocked and the symbols of our struggles are being torn down and the history of where we have been and how far we have come destroyed.

It is as if an evil has come to destroy us as a nation and there aren’t enough men of goodwill left to stand up and say no more and cry out to stop this treachery!

As some politicians stand by and seem to watch with an approving nod at the destruction, I stand in front of my church and watch a burning couch set on fire by a hate-filled mob as we board up our church to protect it – I am deeply saddened.

Threats were hurled at me with hate as if I was the cause of their violence and yet another stating: “Had a hard day?” I say yes and he says back threateningly, “I can make it harder for you,” with seething hate in his eyes. Yet I have spent 15 years helping advance human rights and restore a sense of dignity and kindness to those suffering from abuse.

I hear of the breaking in and looting of a store not far away and if that is not enough, political edicts prevent the healthy from working.

Am I alone in my concern about the lack of leadership and desire to fight back? Are there so few true Americans left who do not know how essential to freedom our country has truly been? Where are these men who will stand up and be counted upon to change all of this? And who is the biggest perpetrator of all of this but media outlets who have become expert at creating social unrest and seem thirsty for the violence they so crave with their carefully crafted propaganda.

I truly do not understand people who support all of this violence, mockery and hate of whatever background. I believe in freedom and the autonomy of the individual to pursue their own happiness. I believe all of us want to be happy and that man is basically good and cannot stand aside from this fray a spectator to this destruction.

Mainly I am hoping this message will resonate with the real men, the real heroes who are willing to stand up and do the right thing, in the right way – without hate – who will lean into some real solutions with all their hearts and souls.

Blair Thomas is the pseudonym of a church official from California.