These Trends Predict Religions Could Disappear in One Generation


Lawrence Krauss, a Cosmologist, believes that in just one generation religion could disappear.
Lawrence Krauss is a popular cosmologist and theoretical physicist, and he often turns his attention to religion. He himself is an atheist, and he believes that it is up to atheist parents to teach their children the truth about the world, so that they do not allow them to be indoctrinated by external influences while they are young.

Now Lawrence Krauss has gone even further than that: during a speech he made at the Victorian Skeptics Cafe in Australia, he argued that religious systems should not be taught as if they are truth. Instead, he wants children to be taught how to think critically about the things that they are told.

Speaking to a reportedly fascinated audience, Lawrence Krauss stated that: “What we need to do is present comparative religion as a bunch of interesting historical anecdotes and show the silly reasons why they each did what they did.” These words will offend many people of religious faith, but Lawrence Krauss firmly believes that as long as children are given the tools to think analytically about what they believe, religion as we know it could disappear within one generation.

Citing gay marriage as one of the key concepts that a generation ago people did not agree with, Lawrence Krauss argued that “one generation is all it takes” for an idea to become obsolete. He firmly believes that as long as children are free to doubt the ideas that are handed to them on a plate, then religion will naturally disintegrate across the world. In fact, Lawrence Krauss believes that he and other atheists have a duty to help children critique previous ideologies. The only trouble with that idea is that it is just a thought and will have to be critically analyzed itself first!


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  • Emily Murdoch
    1:09 pm

    I find this headline very misleading, since it’s less “signs that religion could disappear in one generation” and more “one guy who doesn’t like religion says that he wants it to disappear in one generation, and cites gay marriage as evidence even though it is still, in fact, very controversial precisely because it’s a religious attitude people won’t give up.”

    • Emily Murdoch
      1:09 pm

      His main point is that within one generation, attitudes can change. In his speech, he also cites slavery as one such issue that was completely eradicated in the span of one generation’s time.

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