Vishavjit Singh Captain America

Interview with Vishavjit Singh, Sikh Captain America Challenging Stereotypes

Vishavjit Singh Captain America

Vishavjit Singh, “Sikh Captain America,” is a software engineer, cartoonist, and champion against stereotypes.

Singh has faced stereotypes his entire life, especially after 9/11, and now during a time when ISIS is in the headlines. Inspired by a racist cartoon, he began creating political cartoons, “Sikh Toons.” He also created a caricature of himself as Captain America, with his turban and beard, his point being “he’s as American as the most iconic of American superheroes.”

Vishavjit Singh Quote

He now travels across the country talking about being a Sikh and what it means to be an American.

Listen to the interview:

This interview originally appeared in PRI on October 17, 2014. It’s presented as part of our #InTheirOwnWords series.

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