German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban

Germany’s Chancellor calls for a ban on the Muslim burka because it is not part of German society.

Only a couple months after the German president hinted that the next president could be a Muslim because the role was not and should not be something that should be based on religion, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised the world with a call for completely banning the burka in Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban[/tweetthis]

Merkel’s proposal came in a speech that she delivered to a gathering at the Christian Democratic Union on Tuesday morning. Merkel recalled the number of crimes that happened in Germany ever since the country began taking in migrants. The Chancellor said that burka was not part of the German society and that a woman in the burka could not integrate herself with the general German population.

Merkel’s 70-minute long speech focused on how the influx of migrants should be checked by the country, the crime rates that have spiked up ever since migrants made their way into Germany, and the need for a ban on the Islamic veil. Although she had earlier indicated similar opinions on the burka, the recent passing of legislation by the Dutch parliament to ban the burka in public places seems to have encouraged her to go ahead and suggest a concrete proposal for the burka ban.

Germany has been very strongly opposed to public display of religious affiliation, and it was only a matter of time before the burka too would be banned. Earlier, such instances have also occurred where Muslim women have been asked to remove their hijab. Coming at a time when all of Europe is taking steps against the religious attire and display of faith by Muslims, it was only a matter of time before such a proposal would be made.

The chancellor also took the opportunity to condemn the rise of Islamic hatred over the net. She spoke strongly against such racist and hateful behavior, and even went to the extent of suggesting that people who posted hatred against Muslims online are in more need of an “integration course” than the migrants themselves. That said, she still maintained that the influx of migrants had caused a lot of problems in Germany, and pledged to make sure that such a situation does not occur again.

Merkel also gave a chilling warning to anyone who tried to flaunt the secularist laws of Germany by saying that the law of the land stood above the codes of Sharia.


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