Islam and the Problem of Religious Stereotypes

So far, the United States has done a rather good job at including Muslims into society, and at differentiating the vast majority of followers

British Court Recognizes Sharia Law in Historic Ruling

Divorces are now easier for wives trapped in Islamic marriages A British High Court has given recognition to some aspects of sharia law in

Religion in Saudi Arabia

Religion’s Major Influence in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is dominated by Sunni Muslims. Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia.[/tweetit] Approximately 93 percent of Saudis are Muslim. The majority

Gold-backed and Sharia Compliant Cryptocurrency

Gold-Backed and Sharia Compliant Cryptocurrency Launches

Cryptocurrencies are wooing Islamic investors. The cryptocurrency craze has not caught on with devout Muslims. The Islamic faith stipulates any economic action must have

Indonesia Family Love Alliance

Indonesia, a Muslim-Majority Country, Blocks Petition to Criminalize Gay Sex

The petition was filed by the conservative Family Love Alliance The Constitutional Court of Indonesia rejected a petition by Family Love Alliance, a conservative group,

San Diego Schools Fight Against Islamophobia

San Diego school district proposes steps to combating Islamophobia. Islamophobia is the fear expressed by a community or an individual towards anyone who practices

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban

Germany's Chancellor calls for a ban on the Muslim burka because it is not part of German society. Only a couple months after the

True Islam Wants Separation of Mosque and State, Not Sharia Law for All

There is a prevailing false perception amongst the Muslims surveyed that Sharia needs to be imposed upon all citizens regardless of their faith in

Egyptian Christians Hope for Approval to Build New Churches

Egyptian Christians Hope for Approval to Build New Churches

Christians wait for Egypt government to end a 160 year ban on the construction of new churches While Muslims are facing a lot of

Father of Fallen Muslim Soldier, John McCain Rebuke Trump’s Anti-Muslim Comments

Father of fallen hero Capt. Humayun Khan denounces Donald Trump's anti-Muslim comments. It was a very moving moment at the Democratic National Convention when