“Western civilization is in a war”: Newt Gingrich says ‘Sharia Test’ for Every U.S. Muslim

American Muslims who believe in the Shari‘a law should be deported says Newt Gingrich. In the wake of the attack in Nice, France on

The Quran Does Not Oppress Women, Sharia-Based Islam Does

The mistreatment of Islamic women should be blamed on Sharia Law, not the Quran. The campaign theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is

Should Christians Read the Quran?

Discussions are being had on whether Christians should read the Quran to better understand Islam. Islamophobia is now almost at an all time high

Why the Sharia Law Is So Dangerous for Our World

Image: collage featuring a photo by Thomas Leuthard via CC 2.0 Featured Contributors Abdur Rab and Hasan Mahmud explain how Sharia Law completely violates

Sharia Law Home Loans

Seattle Wants to Offer Sharia Law-Compliant Home Loans

The charging of exorbitant interest rates or fees when lending money is prohibited in Islam and is the reason why most Low-income Muslims don’t

Alabama sharia Law

Alabama Passes Law To Prevent Sharia Law Being Used In Courtrooms

The state of Alabama has passed a new law which specifically prohibits the use of Sharia Law within its courtrooms. Sharia Law is a

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Passes Resolution Condemning Brunei Sharia Laws, Calls for Sultan Of Brunei to Sell the Beverly Hills Hotel

Follow the conversation on Twitter. Resources Sharia Law on Wikipedia Beverly Hills City Council Session Video Official City Of Beverly Hills Site The Beverly