Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally

Angela Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally

About 500 neo-Nazis took part in the march. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, made no effort to hide her anger when she received

Deutsche Bahn Anne Frank

Germany Names a Train After Anne Frank and Social Media Reacts

Anne Frank's name was one of the most popular suggestions made for the railway. Germany’s national railway, Deutsche Bahn is under attack on social

Muslims Nazi Concentration Camp

At a Nazi Concentration Camp Muslims Look at Germany’s Past

They believe Israel is the source of all their troubles For Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Germany, a visit to World War II concentration

Gay Marriage Is Legalized in Germany

Chancellor Merkel voted against the measure German Members of Parliament have voted to legalize same-sex marriage, 393 to 226.[/tweetit] The vote was taken after

Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses Increases in Soviet Nations

Jehovah's Witness sentenced to five years in prison. The freedom to practice any religion and to believe in any faith is a human right

Switzerland Votes No on Burqa Ban

Swiss government rejects burqa ban. An initiative to ban niqabs and burqas by Swiss People's party, a right-wing political party, has been rejected[/tweetit] by

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban

Germany's Chancellor calls for a ban on the Muslim burka because it is not part of German society. Only a couple months after the

Anti-Islam Movement PEGIDA Protests Across Europe

Anti-Islam Movement PEGIDA Protests Across Europe

Droves of new immigrants in Europe are creating tension and unrest throughout the continent. The arrival of thousands of immigrants from the Middle East

Muslim Refugees in Germany Converting to Christianity: Is it a trick?

Some believe refugees seeking asylum are converting to Christianity solely so they can stay in Germany. Several hundred Muslim refugees have been getting converted

Fears of Anti-Semitic Attacks Force Jewish Magazine to Go Incognito

More than 10,000 German Jews will now receive their monthly magazine, Jüdisches Berlin (Jewish Berlin), without the magazine’s distinctive logo on the envelope to