Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally

Angela Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally

Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally
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About 500 neo-Nazis took part in the march.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, made no effort to hide her anger when she received reports about far-right demonstrators openly chanting Nazi phrases.[/tweetit] About 2,500 demonstrators protested the death of a local man in Koethen, a town in the eastern part of Germany. According to officials, they continue to examine the possibility of whether neo-Nazis committed any criminal offenses during their march. The deceased suffered from a severe form of chronic heart disease. The autopsy found that death was not caused due to the fight.

Angela Merkel Outraged Over Nazi Chants in Far-right Rally[/tweetthis]

Holger Stahlknecht, the State Interior Minister, said on September 10, that about 500 demonstrators were known right-wingers. Koethen local police have confirmed that both Afghans, young men 18 and 22-years-old, were arrested on charges of causing bodily harm leading to fatal consequences. Anne-Marie Keding, Justice Minister of Sachsen-Anhalt state, confirmed that death of the victim was due to heart attack, adding there was no trace of fatal injuries.

German law enforcement discovered about 500 participants in the 2,500 strong crowd belonged to assorted far-right groups. Events during the March are being reviewed to verify whether incitement of violence and other offenses were committed. A few are already found. In one, a speaker particularly talked about "racial war" being fought against Germans. Another video showed participants chanting support for "national socialism." The term national socialism represents Nazis.

The German far-right has been particularly active in recent weeks. The death of a German in September comes only a few weeks after a fatal stabbing incident of a man in Chemnitz, a city in Eastern Germany. A Syrian and an Iraqi were detained and subsequently arrested for manslaughter in the second case. This stabbing lent fuel to anti-migrant sentiment during which neo-Nazis clashed with law enforcement officers and counter-protesters. A Jewish restaurant was also attacked by masked men in Chemnitz.

David Koeckert, a known right-winger and a member of Thuegida, a far-right group and an ex-member of the right-wing extremist NPD, was one of many who made the journey to Koethen after multiple calls were made through social media to demonstrate against migrants. His speech has audience numbers in their hundreds clapping to his description of immigrants coming to Germany as some kind of “invasion.” He warned the audience that if steps are not taken, Germans living inside Germany will soon be slaughtered by migrants.


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