God's Not Dead 3

God’s Not Dead 3, Brings in “Lousy” $2.6mil in Opening Weekend

Despite reviews claiming the third installment of God's Not Dead is better than its predecessors, it disappointed at the box office. The Michael Mason

Pure Flix Samson

Upcoming Release of ‘Samson’, Christian Superhero

Pure Flix CEO hopes Samson will teach Christians important lessons on life. Michael Scott, the CEO of Pure Flix, the company which describes itself

Third installment of the God's Not Dead series

New Faith-Based Film: ‘God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness’

The next God's Not Dead installment will hit theaters on March 30. A new spiritual drama is coming to town. The third installment of

Kevin Sorbo Takes on Pledge of Allegiance in Faith Film ‘One Nation Under God’

Kevin Sorbo's next faith film tackles the pledge of allegiance. Kevin Sorbo is days away from filming another in his line of faith films.[/tweetit]

Now You Can Stream Faith-Based Movies with “Netflix for Christians”: Pure Flix

ull wp-image-32013"/> Need a more child or family-friendly movie streaming alternative to Netflix? Then you might want to check out Pure Flix. Pure

God’s Not Dead, Christian Movie Series is Working on Part 3

Pure Flix co-founder David A.R. White confirms God's Not Dead 3 is in the works. In an exchange between David A.R.White and CNSNews, it

New Kevin Sorbo Movie Follows Atheist Who Becomes Christian

New Kevin Sorbo Movie Follows Atheist Who Becomes Christian

New faith film, Let There Be Light, starring Kevin Sorbo, tells the story of an atheist-turned-Christian. Hercules will be back on the screen in

‘SNL’ “God Is A Boob Man” Skit Angers Some Christians

SNL's spoof "God Is A Boob Man" didn't go over too well with some Christians Two weeks after the release of the Christian film

In Theaters Today – New film, from creators of ‘God’s Not Dead,’ asks ‘Do You Believe?’

Do You Believe, a film depicting the lives of 12 people as they journey to find God, is scheduled to be released today in