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Upcoming Release of ‘Samson’, Christian Superhero

Pure Flix Samson
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Pure Flix CEO hopes Samson will teach Christians important lessons on life.

Michael Scott, the CEO of Pure Flix, the company which describes itself as a Christian movie house, is excited about the release of his company's new film, Samson[/tweetit]. The film is to be released on February 16. Scott says the new film will hopefully teach Christians a few important life lessons.

Upcoming Release of Samson, Christian Superhero[/tweetthis]

Samson narrates the Biblical epic of a powerful figure selected by God to make Israel possible. The film depicts how enemies captured and blinded Samson after he was betrayed by a beautiful temptress and a wicked prince. The hero then asked God to give him strength. The Almighty granted it to him and he was then able to turn his blindness and imprisonment into a decisive victory.

Taylor James will play the titular character. Bruce Macdonald along with Gabriel Sabloff have directed the movie. Caitlin Leahy plays Delilah, the beautiful temptress. The film has A-list stars like Rutger Hauer and Lindsay Wagner of Bionic Woman fame. They play Manoah and Zealphonis, the parents of the hero. The villainous characters are played by Billy Zane and Jackson Rathbone. Zane portrayed King Balek and Rathbone as the scheming Rallah. South Africa was the location where the entire film was shot.

The Samson film gels with Pure Flix's aim to influence culture internationally so that people get attracted towards the Christian religion. The company is well known for being an independent faith studio. The company describes its offerings as family-centric. It has previously produced a series of Christian faith dominated films like God's Not Dead 1 & 2 and The Case for Christ.

Scott is fully convinced that the action centric Christian film comes at a good time. He hopes that the film will be a commercially popular one. He said that most people at present are not focused on God's words. They are off the track. He pointed out that Samson's tale of sheer perseverance provides some valuable life lessons. The CEO described Samson as a Biblical superhero. The film, he says, has elements of a not only action but love too. The film makes perfect sense with the current crop of films presently reigning in the box office.

Pure Flix began in 2005. It started out by producing low budget films. The company gathered success and started to produce expensive ventures like The Case for Christ, and God's Not Dead.


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