Now You Can Stream Faith-Based Movies with “Netflix for Christians”: Pure Flix

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Need a more child or family-friendly movie streaming alternative to Netflix? Then you might want to check out Pure Flix.

Pure Flix is an Arizona-based media company that focuses on the acquisition, production and marketing of faith-inspired and family-friendly movies, television series, educational films, children’s series, etc. In short, it’s the more wholesome alternative of Netflix. Like the more popular video streaming service, a paid subscription is required to access Pure Flix’s collection of more than 5,000 titles. And for on-the-go and easy access, the service can be enjoyed using an app compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Now You Can Stream Faith-Based Movies with “Netflix for Christians”: Pure Flix[/tweetthis]

Though majority of Pure Flix’s media content is faith or Christian-based, their quality can’t be underestimated. In fact, the company has produced films and series that made it big in theaters. One of which is the movie God’s Not Dead, which hit blockbuster records and grossed $62.6 million with a production budget of just over $2 million.

The 2014 film revolves around the story of a college student who because of his unshaken belief in the existence of God ends up having series of debates with his atheist professor. Despite numerous pressures and challenges, the student proves his point and was able to change the mindset and attitude not only of his professor but most of the characters in the film as well. The surprising performance of God’s Not Dead eventually motivated the company to create the sequel which was released earlier this year.

Another notable production of the company is the recently released, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise. It’s a documentary of how the Australian band Hillsong United evolved towards becoming a global superstar when it comes to Christian music. The documentary also highlights the real value of the band’s music or art. And according to the film’s director Michael John Warren, that value is to help people discover Jesus and ultimately to use music to save souls.

To be able to widen its distribution network, Pure Flix has partnered with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment at the beginning of 2016. Aside from accessing media content online, the partnership with Universal Pictures will eventually result to the availability of the titles in Blu-ray or DVD. Universal Pictures will also oversee sell-through or title distribution as well as the management of the Video-on-Demand platform. Another foreseen benefit of the partnership is the eventual release of 4K or Ultra HD content which will make Pure Flix the first of its kind in the Christian broadcasting segment.

And in line with the company’s Christian objectives, Pure Flix has recently announced the launching of its free supplementary curriculum that will benefit students under the home school program. Parents need only to register on the Pure Flix website to receive weekly emails on supplementary topics ranging from religion, science, history, geography, biology, etc. Included in the free curriculum is the free access to hundreds of relevant films, documentaries and other instructional titles located in the Pure Flix website.

Pure Flix acknowledged the fact that parents choosing to home school their children are growing. And for most parents, home schooling provides them more supervision especially on the aspect of children’s values formation.

In an interview, Greg Gudorf of Pure Flix Digital reiterated the growing need to create more family-oriented media content, “I think the lesson to take away if you're on the Hollywood side of things is look at what people are watching and asking for. There's been a resurgence of faith and family oriented programming. People want that.”


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