In Theaters Today – New film, from creators of ‘God’s Not Dead,’ asks ‘Do You Believe?’

Do You Believe Film

Do You Believe, a film depicting the lives of 12 people as they journey to find God, is scheduled to be released today in over 1,100 theaters.

In a powerful film produced by Pure Flix Productions, viewers will follow along with 12 story lines and characters, each varying in cultural backgrounds. The film broaches hard to discuss topics, including crime, abortion, religious freedoms and suicide. The end goal of the movie is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to everyone.

The film hasn’t even hit theaters, and it is already getting raved about by reviewers. David A.R. White, producer, actor and founding partner of Pure Flix Productions, hopes that “the film’s compassionate and convicting message will create the same passion and conviction that God’s Not Dead did for audiences.”

The Story of Do You Believe

With 12 characters, you get a wide range of diversity. Among the actors enlisted for the cast are notable stars Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy), Lee Majors (Col. Steve Austin from The Six Million Dollar Man), Mira Sorvino (Linda Ash from Mighty Aphrodite), & Cybill Shepherd (Betsy from Taxi Driver). Astin plays Dr Farrell, a doctor who is unsure if miracles exist even as his terminally ill patients are cured. In one story, a pastor meets a street preacher who completely turns his life around, challenging him to do more with his beliefs. The priest spawns a faith-filled journey that touches everyone he meets.

Liam Matthews met with Christian Post for an interview on the upcoming film. He shared his character’s story, a paramedic by the name of Bobby. Bobby arrives on the scene of an accident to see a man, dying and scared. He comforts him with the Word, only to later be sued by the victim’s wife. In a battle with courts, as well as his supervisors, he boldly stands by his decision. Matthews said that he found the role a “challenge,” adding that he was less bold and more “of a quiet, show me by your actions type guy.” He says that Bobby taught him the fine line between “speaking the truth” and “how to speak the truth.” The movie was inspired by an instance similar to Bobby’s. A former fire chief in Atlanta was recently fired for his beliefs, and is in the process of being defended by Alliance Defending Freedom.


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