New Kevin Sorbo Movie Follows Atheist Who Becomes Christian

New Kevin Sorbo Movie Follows Atheist Who Becomes Christian

New Kevin Sorbo Movie Follows Atheist Who Becomes Christian
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
New faith film, Let There Be Light, starring Kevin Sorbo, tells the story of an atheist-turned-Christian.

Hercules will be back on the screen in 2017, this time as an atheist who finds his way to Christianity after a near-death experience that makes him doubt his non-belief in a higher power. Kevin Sorbo, who became famous for his iconic role as the title character in the TV series Hercules, has just wrapped up a three-week long shoot of the new movie his wife, Sam Sorbo, has co-written the script for the faith-movie and stars in the movie as well. At a time when the conflict between religion and atheism is reaching its peak, this movie will be a point of interest for both parties.

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Let There Be Light is a completely faith-based movie shot in Birmingham, Alabama. Having already starred in films like God's Not Dead, in which Kevin Sorbo plays the role of an atheist professor who has a conversion to Christianity. Sorbo has a reputation for faith-based movies. And now with Let There Be Light, his reputation as a pro-Christianity celebrity will be further cemented.

Co-producer and wife of Kevin, Sam Sorbo, believes that there is a huge demand for faith-based movies. As such, she has expressed her curiosity as to what may happen when a movie on an atheist who turns to Jesus is released. Taking this as a challenge, and banking on the demand for Christian movies, Sam decided to put this idea into action. The movie, currently under production, is set to release next year during the Christmas season, the most fertile time to get viewership by Christian audiences at the peak level.

The movie portrays the life of a famous atheist author who undergoes a miraculous conversion to Christianity. The Sorbos hope that Let There Be Light will be as successful as the 2014 hit God's Not Dead. The Sorbos admit that nobody had expected that God's Not Dead would have become the hit that it did. As a faith-based movie, they thought that popularity will be concentrated on just a few religious audiences. However, they were proven wrong when the movie became very popular and created a revolution in the world of Christian filmmaking. Earning more than $60 million, the movie remains the eighth highest earning Christian film of all time. The Sorbos hope that the same will be true of their 2017 release as well.

Also starring in the film are singer Dionne Warwick and multi-platinum and Grammy Award winner Travis Tritt.


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