‘SNL’ “God Is A Boob Man” Skit Angers Some Christians

Video screenshot
Video screenshot
SNL‘s spoof “God Is A Boob Man” didn’t go over too well with some Christians

Two weeks after the release of the Christian film God’s Not Dead 2, the American comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) aired a trailer-like parody of the movie. The show titled its movie God Is A Boob Man citing that it was produced by the makers of “God On The Run” and “Angel in Denim: The Kim Davis Story.”

‘SNL’ “God Is A Boob Man” Skit Angers Some Christians[/tweetthis]

The spoof on “Liberal Elites Run Wild” revolves around the story of Beth, a “small town baker without a care” who refused to fill the wedding cake order of a gay couple. Though pressured, Beth believed that doing so means to “spit in the face of God.” She was confronted by her co-worker saying that “gays are the most powerful force in America.” Represented by their Jewish lawyer, the gay couple threatened to sue Beth unless she recites the words “God is gay.” In response, Beth said “Well he’s not gay. God is as straight as they come.”

In court, Beth criticized gays saying “Gays are trying to force their agenda. They’re even teaching it in school.” She needs to prove that God is straight thus she argued “If God is gay, then why aren’t there any gay priests?” She also stressed that “They say we’re bigots but Christians are the most oppressed group in this country.” Beth found support from the state governor who set aside problems on poverty, obesity and teen pregnancy and made Beth’s “gay problem” a priority. Beth suggested to the governor to “deny basic goods and services to gay people.” And at her final day at the courtroom, Beth didn’t cited God as gay and instead shouted “God is a boob man!”

Right after the show’s airing of the clip, it gained widespread attention and mixed responses particularly online. As expected, most conservative Christians reacted negatively. One YouTube user even created a reaction video labeling SNL as “Sick or Satanic Night Live” and elaborates his view of the clip as a form of continued blasphemy.

On the other hand, Christian Today writer Mark Woods is not offended at all. Aside from mocking the Kim Davis issue and earlier gay couple-related cases, Woods sees the comic clip as an effective tool to express the looming “hateful divisiveness” among Christians and the entire American society which many wouldn’t dare to bring out or even touch. For Woods, the SNL clip has proven three important points.

First; even the shortest humorous clip can challenge the credibility of the gospel or indoctrination among the new generation which took maybe days or longer to build. This according to him is because the Christians of today are now much more informed and intelligent. Second; these kinds of clips describe how conservative Christians who see homosexuality as a threat will resort to almost any means just to back the tide. And third, it only shows that it’s always difficult to have “serious conversations about genuine issues.” 

Finally, Woods has expressed his observation as to the disparity of mainstream public opinion from that of conservative Christians.


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